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    Design a Website Mockup

    Design a Website Mockup

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    Project description:

    We’re looking for a designer to help us with our marketplace mockup. The marketplace is a consumer to consumer, business to consumer, and direct to consumer sales platform with a sales dashboard and storefront for sellers. You will have 10 business days to complete this. We will work with you over skype.

    The front page: Top half

    We like // // // // //
    The top half of the front page is a place for us to put in our own content, be it advertising, products or featured sellers.

    The front page: Bottom half

    The bottom half is similar to //
    We want this to be an infinite scroll and browsing experience.

    The search page:

    This page is for seeing items or seller users have searched. We like // // // //
    Searching for an item should be easy. We need this section to have all the categories and item specifics. This section should also have advertising sections.

    The item page:

    Item pages should be simple and quick to disseminate information. NOT LIKE // // // LIKE
    These pages should have the same look and feel for every item and item specifics can be put into separate blocks. Info, shipping, terms, warranty etc.

    The seller page:

    This is where a seller can link their stores to their customers. We would like an infinite scroll seller page with their items.
    The page has about, products, terms and everything else about a seller in a easy to understand manner.

    The seller and buyer dashboard:

    This page is for sellers and buyers to see analytics, sales data and more. Think of this as a similar dashboard to // // // //

    Other features:

    The site has seller and buyer chat, notifications, messaging etc. Similar to a social media site.

    We did an initial mockup as you can see. We’re looking for great designers, we will work closely with you to see the project through, there may be on going work for you after. If you’re looking to do an initial design please do the front page and seller dashboard.



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