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    About Us


    At WOTTEVA™ we discovered something fantastic. We have worked out a formula through which everyone, including you, can experience success.

    After all, the magic within each of us is our individuality. Creating opportunities for our individuality, and personal worth, to become the essence of our personal branding is central to what gives individualism its magic.

    Successful people do not just achieve life’s most basic milestones, such as learning to walk and learning to read and write. Successful people transcend the boundaries.

    They learn to adapt to a changing environment, and understand that the rules are changing.

    The formula of success in this modern era applies to the rules of employment.

    Those who know themselves intricately, how to market their strengths and overcome their weaknesses,

    and those who understand the intricacies of relationships and interactions between people.

    These are the people that are able to move ahead of their peers at a more rapid rate.

    With communication and increased access to information, potential employers can quickly and easily access information about freelancers online.

    It has become vital for potential freelancers wanting to achieve success to manage an effective online presence.

    People are at their best when their competencies and skill-set are valued.

    Discover how you can recruit significant contributors.

    Your work should be socially congruent with your values and priorities.

    Use Wotteva to align yourself to people and companies that reward your value.

    Discover a place you belong!

    We believe that people should do Wotteva they love.